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Delinquent Habits - The Common Man

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Композиция: The Common Man

Музыкант: Delinquent Habits

Длительность: 04:30

Просмотрено: 630

Прослушали: 2015-12-28


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Текст песни:


Take a breath and catch up
To know you ain’t alone and somebody gives a fuck
Not everyone’s selfish, there are those who care
And this call is for all of those out there

They want a shout out yeah raise their cups
A toast to the common man, please stand up
I feel what you’re feeling too, been there yup
I’mma drink what you’re drinking to, tip your cup

[Verse 1]

No matter what beneath the surface
We all hurting and the stress ain’t worth it
It’s a bad time in life but the shit ain’t curtains
Just a little bit of peace all we need for certain
Banks is failing and Wall Street crumbling
And all those in charge they twiddle their thumbs bumbling
While the dollars that they heard is numbering
Double by the second leaving my folks wondering
What’s left for the people like us
Who cook, who clean, who ride the bus
Who live life with hope in a higher trust
And when head hits the pillow with a tired thrust
What about the ones who deal with news
Who deal with injustice and sing the blues
It all depends on which path you choose
I choose now go easy this one’s for you


[Verse 2]

So listen hey hey, there ain’t no maybe
Live most of my life just south of crazy
And no I was not a pampered baby
The spoon was rusted and the TV hazy
The jeans were faded, the gold was plated
More than common, I was underrated
That’s when my lifestyle became sedated
Eyes half-closed, listen it’s cool because I’m faded
Forget all that made me hated
Had a smooth knack for playing the low and downgraded
But this time I contemplated through knowledge downwind ? and created
This song for ones like me who wanna live their life and be let be
Who survive most days on a hope that cope
And not end up on dope or the end of a rope


[Verse 3]

? with the lies and the game life playing
I don’t know it all but I speak the truth I’m saying
Every night bow my head and to the sky I’m praying
About conflict and message and the rhymes I’m laying
I got a few things that’s been on my mind
Like the cause of poverty, the rise in crime
The homeless rate, unemployment climbs
And we’re reminded every hour it’s a volatile time
So where the complaint box I’mma stand in line
I’mma send it by post ?
Tell em all the job they’re doing ain’t fine
They think they’re high on the hog, they’re really just swine
While we struggle to find the time
Just smile a little, enjoy some wine
And do believe me, I’m down for mine
I’m down for yours too now relax, unwind


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